Thanks, Vegreville Centennial Library

The ASP was happy to spend Friday night at a fundraiser for the Vegreville Centennial Library.  The library staff did a great job of organizing the event, gussying up the facility, and bringing out a large crowd.

Gayleen read from her books, followed by a lively Q and A session.  After that we mingled for a while, sold a great many books, and got into somekeeper excellent conversations about writing and the state of the publishing industry.

Gayleen then performed a few songs, and we headed out onto a rather terrifying highway and then home.

You never know what you’re wandering into when you sign on for a reading.  This was one of those great nights  when you have an interested crowd, and the time to really get to know them.

Thanks again to the staff at the VCL, and to everyone who came out.  We had a great time.

We were able to get some footage of Gayleen reading and performing as well.  Enjoy!