50 Shades of Spenny Update

Hi there, folks.
Mata Hairy
Gayleen will be shooting the photos for the 50 Shades of Spenny contest on Saturday.  As we sold 7 copies of the book within the contest time frame we will be posting 7 photos over the next week.

We have a contest attached to this as well.  Send us photos of your dog dressed as a fictional character of your choice.  The winner receives an autographed copy of What The Cat Dragged In, our latest novel from The ASP, and a little something extra.

The deadline was today at midnight, and we have received a few entries, but, in light of the announcement last week being on a long weekend and such, I’ve decided to extend the deadline to Monday at midnight, so you have all weekend to take those photos and send them in to theaspbooks@gmail.com.

Our first entry today, sent by Fred Bradbury, is his dog Lucy in tempting and flirty deshabille as Mata Hairy.

You can order WCDI by Gayleen Froese by following links here:

I mean really, though, you’re here.  You should buy everything we sell…then ask for branded merchandise.