What The Cat Dragged In by Gayleen Froese

WCDIWhat The Cat Dragged In is now under release from The ASP.

The first draft of this book short-listed in the 3-Day Novel Contest in 2010.

What The Cat Dragged In is a dog detective noir for older kids and adults. It’s the debut of Spenser T. Dog, a German shepherd with a 100 pound imagination and time on his paws. From his office in the dining room, next to the place the balls roll under, Spenser sniffs out a case that involves a peanut butter sandwich heist and a feline femme fatale. His papillon secretary and scruffy informant next door help him in his eternal quest to prove that, in a morally complicated world, he really is a good dog.

Paperback is available here

The Ebook is available here at the ITunes bookshop, here at Lulu or also here at Amazon.com.  It is also available on any of Amazon’s international affiliates