Silver Bullets by Laird Ryan States

Silver Bullets ebook

Silver Bullets is the first official release from The ASP.

An early version of the work short-listed in the 2008 3-Day Novel Contest.

Arise-Ye-Sons-Of-Israel Parker began life as a sensitive Quaker boy but came to manhood as Harry Parker; a killer, a thief, a reluctant poet and  a drunken town Marshall.

One summer night, drinking alone in the town saloon long after closing, Harry Parker is approached by a mysterious traveler, Mr. Dorian Gray. After the two talk over a drink, Harry is persuaded to share one of his poems. Gray shares something much more peculiar.

When the sun rises, Mr. Gray is gone, and Harry’s death has gone with him.  He finds himself unkillable and feeling completely detached from the world.

Indian Charley fell to earth, cradled inside a stone from the sky.  Raised by the Cree, he soon discovered he was not the same as other men.  Set apart, he wandered alone for over a hundred summers until the day he met Harry Parker.

In 1882, the two men meet, forging a friendship that will last to the modern day.

They also finds themselves very much at odds with a sect of immortal religious zealots who offer the undying membership or a very real eternal torment—permanent crucifixion and isolation.

And thereby hangs a tale.

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