Laird Ryan States

rhforweb1Laird Ryan States is a pen name used for the sole purpose of being better Googled.  Google, apparently, is my master now.  I have forsaken my name for Google.

Born with the much less Googleable name of Ryan States, I bought a Scottish Landholder title.  (It’s for a great cause, and I feel no shame, nor am I under any illusions the title is valid, but it brings me small joy)  So, here I am, with a domain name of my own, and a name that can be easily searched.

I was born in 1971 in Calgary, Alberta, and have been writing since childhood.

I recently decided to try self-publishing as part of a collective called The Asp.  I’m not averse to the traditional publishing methods, but they surely do seem unrewarding at present.

I released my first book, Silver Bullets on January 15, 2015, and hope to publish one every six months or so for a few years.  I have a lot of completed manuscripts in progress, and I’m working hard to get them in shape for an audience.

I live in Edmonton Canada with my fellow writer, and life-long friend, Gayleen Froese.  We have three adorable dogs, three lizards, and assorted small mammals.  I’m active on Facebook, too active, frankly for my productivity. Feel free to add me.  I’m also active on Google Plus but I don’t check it as often.  It’s less pushy.