Who’s The ASP

Welcome to the online home of The ASP. We’re a collective of independent writers collaborating to help promote each other’s work under a common umbrella.

We are interested in work that does not conform tightly to a specific genre, and in books that, while complete stories of their own, are also talking back to pop culture.

We’re trying a new model of internet publishing.

Writers are in a strange place right now. The internet has made self-publishing a viable option on a massive scale, but also made it very difficult to get people to actually pay for art.

Small houses do the best they can, but, having limited resources, publish fewer books than ever.

The major houses seem more like a lottery than a viable professional option.

We decided to give self-publishing a shot, but to work together on promotion.  It’s easier for a lot of us to promote someone else’s work than it is our own.

Writers are not, by nature, canny self-promoters.  Many of us are shy and introverted.  We’re hoping that we can use our enthusiasm for each other’s work in a way that helps us all.

At least in this circle, though, we’re nerds. We get excited about work other people do, and we’re happy to discuss that quite enthusiastically.  So we’re trying to help each other out a little.

We have also committed to producing quality products.

We hire good editors. We hire designers for covers. We do our best to ensure that our ebooks and our forthcoming POD titles are kept to professional standards.

It’s important to us that when you purchase a book from The ASP , you know it’s not some slapdash mess hastily put up to earn a quick buck, like so much of what you find out there on the e-book Marketplace.

We’re just getting started, and we’re sure to make mistakes as we grow. You can be sure we’ll learn from them.

If you spot a typo, or have an issue with our products, we want to know about it, we want to make sure it’s fixed, and we want to get you an updated product.