Promo Contest, and Reading

As many of you know The ASP has released Gayleen’s book, What The Cat Dragged In, as our second release.
The contest that we had for Silver Bullets was kind of fun, so we thought we’d try something similar but different. The contest is two-fold.

1) On this coming Friday, February 13 from Noon MST to Mindnight MST, for every copy sold as a paperback on Lulu, or as an ebook on Kindle, Gayleen and Spenser will pose separately or together for iconic scenes from books or movies. We’re calling it 50 Shades of Spenser. Is that dirty? The pictures won’t be.

2) And this the fun part. From this Friday to Friday February 20, 2014 you can send your pictures of your pet dressed as a private detective, or your favourite fictional characters. Gayleen and Spenser will pick a winner, and that winner will receive an autographed copy of the book plus a special something extra.

We’ll post all the pictures as we get them.

Please send them to us here.

I will, of course remind you Friday when the sales contest is about to start.

Let’s have some fun with this one, and share this one. Gayleen’s book is, I think going to be a lot of fun for wider audiences, and this is a fun contest.


This post, and details on where and how you can order Gayleen’s book (and mine should it appeal) will stay up at

Also, on Friday, Gayleen has a reading at the Vegreville Public Library @ 7pm. She be reading a few parts from her books, playing some tunes and chatting with people. It’s a library fundraiser, and Gayleen will do darned near anything to help libraries, as she reckons they’re one of the things society did right. So if you’re free, and up for the drive, we’d be happy to see you there.